Memorial Day…is for You

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Aside from Legions holding ceremonies and family visits to cemeteries, Memorial Day has spun off to be the start of the summer and a great shopping weekend. But if you’re a veteran, this day has deeper meaning. It’s easy to pass this day off as a holiday, when in fact, it is a time for remembering.

Remembering isn’t always something you want to do, though, is it? Some of those memories hurt, some are too painful to revisit, some are ones you’d give anything to forget.

So what should you remember on Memorial Day?

  • The people who protected you.
  • The people you couldn’t protect.
  • The ones who knew you in your worst, darkest, most terrifying moments and carried that intimate knowledge of you to the spirit world.
  • The people who made you laugh and reminded you to love.

Memorial Day is about loss, but it’s also about life and survivorship.

It’s also a day to live. To notice everything that you have to be grateful for.

To let people love you.

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