There are many resources out there focused on helping veterans.

I only list resources here that have touched me personally or those whom I personally know. Some may resonate with you. Some may not. They’re worth checking out:

Soldier’s Heart – led by Dr. Ed Tick. Healing retreats and a powerful book that honors your warrior spirit.

WarriorSongs – led by OIF veteran Jason Moon. Healing retreats that use the creative arts, songwriting, and presentations that connect and release the energy of war.


How to Cope with the Death of a Friend


Back to School Academic Success After TBI – a guide for veteran students who have TBI

TBIStaffTraining  offers a free self-study course to learn more about living with and managing life with TBI. This site is for TBI in general and is not combat/veteran-specific. But there’s some solid info there.)


ForeverGone – warrior poety by an OIF veteran – “Midnight Star” about the loss of a friend on tour in Iraq

Inside My Head – warrior writing by an OIF veteran… Playing with god’s fate, but always a few minutes late. I envisioned a promising future full of surprises filled with applause, instead the long look back of despise. Moving along, it’s hard to picture anything more than nothing. I emptied my mag into the horizon only to miss the promised land. Where does a star go when the galaxy’s gone?… read more

Diesel Days – blog by OIF Fallujah Marine (3/5) Sean Moore, now pursing a life as a filmmaker and writer.

Wife and War – powerful, poignant poetry by a military wife who delves into the tough emotions of war. For veterans and their families.

Remy Benoit – a stalwart advocate for veteran’s healing, this gentle, caring soul helps combat vets uncover, express and write their stories.


The Skirmishers –  hard-hitting music by an OIF Marine, Sean Moore: “I’m Okay Cause I’m Not Broken”; “Scream for Me”; “The Coldness”; “Through the Grey” – this’ll resonate with you.

Shane and Shane – these two gifted songwriters write and  perform music that speaks to the issues of being lost, in pain, forgiveness, finding hope, doubting faith. They are Christian artists,  and while I am not a Christian, their music has deeply supported my soul and reached those hard to get places so difficult to voice.  You don’t have to believe in the religion to connect to this. Let these guys’ music bless and soothe you.

Lindsay McCaul – another faith-based singer/songwriter who speaks to the soul.

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