It’s a dark, calm night deep in the forest.

Tucked away in these woods is a spacious tent — tall and wide with wards running off in multiple directions. Cots line these wards as warriors sleep under the watchful guard of Light Beings who grace the aisles. In their presence, a deep peace settles as a gentle breeze softly flows, bringing the breath of life.

It’s cool and quiet and still.

You slip into this tent, crawl into an empty bed, and your presence is noted. You are welcome here. You belong. You are safe.

You drift into a deep dreamless slumber, as every stress, every pain slips away, your entire being completely relaxes. This is the place of high safety. Here, nothing can touch you. Here, all dark forces are kept at bay. Here, you rest.

You remain as long as your soul desires. You may come and go at will. The Light Beings keep guard, soothe broken hearts, lay gentle hands of healing on chests cracked by grief, remove layers of hardened protective energy to infuse new life, move stuck energy in armored stomachs and worn gun hands, soothe clenched muscles and tired minds.

You rest, you are safe, you belong.

Overarching all is the protective spirit of the One Who Walks Beside. Under this care, each one is held, each one is tended…

Each one is found.

I invite you to use this vision whenever you need a place to dwell. When you need comfort and relief. Enter the tent and rest.

4 thoughts on “The Tent Where Warriors Dwell

  1. Thanks, Keith. I recommend anything by author Mark Nepo…and check out the Guidebooks listed here on the site. Happy to connect with you by email – – or Facebook, too.

  2. Nice read and definitely a true philosophy, if I can call it that. I spend a great deal of time trying to avoid the tent, only because that is how PTSD is showing itself in my life. I long for the close calls, the high stress and being able to make decisions that mean something. Any reading suggestions? Thank you for what you do.

  3. The tent is there to allow you to rest and to be a place where you can ready yourself to be among the world again. If you are struggling to emerge from your tent, I would encourage you to seek guidance from a compassionate therapist. You are also welcome to email me at if you’d like to talk privately.

  4. I have spent most of my life since leaving Iraq in that tent. I curl up in bed and I sleep life away because it’s the only time I’m at peace the only time I feel safe. My bed and my sleep is my sanctuary.

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