This is not the night you die.

This is the night you let the belief that you cannot change die.

These struggles feel so solid. So permanent.
They are made of thoughts and feelings.
Thoughts and feelings can be changed.

Your entire being, your spirit, your mind, your beliefs are designed to change, to grow, to shed, to become what you have not yet been.

It is not You that needs to die. It is your belief about HOW you live and the ways of being that no longer support you your life, that need to die.

Let those beliefs die.
Make space for the grace of something new, something different, something possible that doesn’t even feel possible right now.

There are many things in life we cannot change. The beliefs we keep on believing, no matter how much they are harming us, are not one of them.

Let the beliefs that no longer support you, die.

But you….You…… live.

2 thoughts on “This is Not the Night You Die.

  1. Holidays seem (at times) to trigger dreams and memories, particularly this time of year. The faith in Christ I have has enabled me to move forward; that and a few years working with a four-legged friend named Bob (a Belgian at Harbor Reigns, a great group of folks (two and four-legged) who work with Veterans and active-duty with equine assisted psychotherapy. Still, all these years later, I at times still smell the stench of the jungle…

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