Great Spirit of All That Is,

We come together today to honor those whose lifetimes ended in war and by war — those who left this earth and returned to the Spirit realm. We are grateful for their love and for their lives. We are grateful for the light of their souls and the joy, comfort, and experience of their presence. We are blessed to have loved them and to love them still.
I turn now to those who remain here on earth. Those who witnessed, who held, who tried to save them, who were made to feel utterly helpless in their moment of their deaths, those who feel the deep pain of thinking they could have done more, those who miss them so badly the pain has no words.
Let them cry.
Let them mourn.
Comfort them. Hold them. Lift the self-blame and guilt off of their tender hearts and embrace them with a deep knowing that they have never been unloved. Or alone. Or unseen. Or unknown.
Wrap them in a healing embrace.
Be present in their spirits today. Let Love lay a soft healing hand upon their hearts. Heal the wounded places. Give them a desire for Life and the knowing that even in the pain, their presence here on this earth matters. They are wanted and desired and needed.
They are meant to be here. Right now. Today.
We come together today to celebrate Life, as Death has taught us how precious and tenuous life is.
Give us the courage to choose Life, to really deeply choose Life. May we honor those we’ve lost by living, by letting joy back in, by smiling and laughing at the memory of their joy — and smiling and laughing at the sacredness of our own joy now, by surrendering to Divine Love and the Great Mystery of lifetimes on earth, and trusting that our souls are only here for these brief, brief lifetimes — but the Love between our souls is never broken.
We are grateful…for we have loved deeply.
And we love deeply.

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