The following guidebooks are designed to help you explore your own healing. Please download them for free and work through them at your own pace. You’ll want a notebook and a pen to explore the questions.

If you need help along the way or would like the document emailed to you in Word, please email me at or connect via Facebook Messenger.

Take your time. Be patient with yourself. Listen to what your soul has to say.

Combat Veterans Guidebook 1_Who are you now

Combat Veterans Guidebook 2_Its all Energy

Combat Veterans Guidebook 3_What to do about grief

Combat Veterans Guidebook 4_Anger anger and more anger

Combat Veterans Guidebook 5_Coping with those who dont understand

Combat Veterans Guidebook 6_Making new choices



2 thoughts on “Guidebooks

  1. Thank you, Matthew. I’m happy to connect anytime if I can be of more support to you or any of your brothers and sisters… you can reach me at I’m Minnesota-based, too.

  2. I am currently a patient St. Cloud, Minnesota’s Impatient Program at the V.A., and facilitate an E.A. Group. I plan on sharing this sites wisdom at the next group we have. I served as a 19D Cavalry Scout in Baghdad, Iraq 05-06 and operated out of Camp Union 3 with a 100 man Scout Troop positioned forward of our Squadron as an independent Scout Troop in the midst of all the violence and chaos that timeframe had to offer. You are doing great things for all of us to try to help us make peace with what we were asked to do as well as with ourselves. Please keep up the good work of helping my brothers and sisters on their journey of self forgiveness and making sense of the emotions we feel and why we hurt as if our souls along with our humanity were torn from our bodies… As a whole we want empathy and are disgusted by sympathy.

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